As you know, Roosevelt City is conducting a strategic planning initiative.  One of their goals is to be business-friendly, and therefore, one of our most important questions is what it is like to do business with Roosevelt City.   

We appreciate your input into our community survey, and would ask your opinion as a business owner.
What do you consider Roosevelt’s MOST business-friendly ordinance to be?

What do you consider Roosevelt’s LEAST business-friendly ordinance to be?

Does Roosevelt City have sufficient information available for businesses on their website?

Yes.  The information I use most is...

No.  The information I'd like to see more of is...

How much would you participate in an online dialogue with City staff on improvement issues?

Are you an active member of Roosevelt Rotary?

As a business owner are you active in community activities or networking opportunities?

As a business owner are you interested in workshops or training for you or your employees?

If you are interested in the results of this survey, please provide your email address here:

Thank you!  

The City will be better for your input.
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